The 2019 Kaaboo Texas Festival Was Well-Received, and Will Return In 2020

A current article on the Guide Live website takes a look at the first Kaaboo Texas festival, which took place May 10-12, 2019. After successfully operating in Del Mar, California, and the Cayman Islands, the Texas version of the event attracted much smaller crowds than were expected.

The Kaaboo Texas festival had been marketed as an upscale and immersive experience with lots of “indulgences” being offered. According to the author of the article, an indulgence such as a bottle of beer at the festival carried a price tag of $11 to $12.

The 100,000-seat AT&T Stadium in Arlington was obviously geared up for higher numbers of attendees at Kaaboo Texas. There were large sections of gated seating reserved for VIPs that remained fairly empty throughout the festival.

Unfortunately, the less-than-full VIP seating areas were situated right in front of each stage, and the adjacent, general admission seating sides awkwardly looked much fuller.

Some of the performers even remarked about the odd configuration of the audience during their sets. At one point, Ludacris urged audience members to move forward, to make things look more balanced.

Among the musical acts on the lineup at the Kaaboo Texas event were Kid Rock, Sting, Little Big Town, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Killers, Lionel Richie, Ludacris, the Avett Brothers and Lauryn Hill.

When some of the headlining musical acts performed on the stadium’s huge main stage, the fairly small crowds of fans looked even smaller, due to the venue’s size.

An interesting point made by the article’s author is that at least there were no lines to purchase food, beverages or to use bathrooms at the inaugural edition of Kaaboo Texas.

At Kaaboo Texas, you could take a dip in the large swimming pool that was installed for the event, while the Beastie Boys’ DJ Mix Master Mike performed nearby. Gigantic murals were being painted by artists on-site, and lots of original artwork was being sold.

The dining choices at Kaaboo Texas were plentiful and above average in quality, and there were numerous cocktail bars on the premises.

Although the crowds were not as big as might have been hoped for, the Kaaboo Texas festival was generally well-received by those who attended. The organizers of the event say they are pleased with the turnout and are looking forward to next year’s festival.