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History Of Belinda Stronach’s Leadership And Philanthropy

Renown businesswoman and former politician, Belinda Stronach, is one of Canada’s leading automotive manufacturing executives. She has orchestrated several financial organizations in her name, including the Stronach Group and a charity for youth development known as The Belinda Stronach Foundation. Elected as a conservative member of the Canadian legislature’s house of commons from 2004-2008, she shifted party allegiance to the liberals and served as Minister of Human Resources and for Democratic Renewal under the executive governance of former Canadian prime minister Paul Martin. She has gained international recognition by the World Economic Forum for her feminist empowerment and leadership prowess in politics and business.

Born in Ontario, Canada Belinda Stronach garnered inspiration for a business management career from her father, Frank Stronach, once chairman and Chief Executive officer of the company she would later run – Magna International. After studying business economics for two semesters at York University, she returned to her family business to learn and apply the modus operandi of the company’s finances in the automotive parts manufacturing sector. From 1988 to 2004, she fulfilled her role in the corporation as a company board committee member and as an executive vice-president. Belinda Stronach orchestrated several joint foundations in the automotive industry for facilitating production, technological innovation, and educational skills instruction. She served as a recognized member and director of the Canadian Automotive Partnership Council and of the Yves Landry Foundation for spearheading these collaborative efforts and for her company’s outstanding profit-making enterprise and economic growth. The company also allowed for manufacturing job expansion by adding over 3,000 jobs to Canada’s workforce.

Known as a contrarian to her original party promises, the Conservative party, and to her father’s obstinate anti-union stance, Belinda Stronach cemented political divisions and transformed Canadian politics in the early 2000s. After winning the 2004 election over her liberal political rival, Martha Hall Findlay, she became minister of parliament for the provincial region of Newmarket-Aurora. Ensconcing herself as a socially-progressive conservative, Brenda Stronach advocated gun control, gay marriage, and women’s right for abortion. Her leftist stance and sympathy for women’s rights foreshadowed her party allegiance to the Liberals in May of 2005 and she promoted more democratic elections by supporting a one-member and one-vote approach.

Belinda Stronach has demonstrated herself as a reputable philanthropist for youth and women development. In launching the Brelinda Stronach Foundation in 2008, she has helped to fund projects related to the struggles youth and women face in health, the workplace, and in public. Her self-less efforts as a charity organizer and fundraiser to launch Canada’s One Laptop Per Child program has helped Canadian Aboriginal children use technology for learning in the classroom. Over 9,000 native students and approximately 60 communities throughout Canada’s provinces have applied technology-assisted learning tools as a powerful educational resource.

Because of her strong advocacy for women rights, Stronach has also funded many programs for disenfranchised women. Belinda’s Place, a social housing facility constructed in 2015, has been a refuge for single homeless women empowering them through independence and self-sufficiency. In cooperation with global feminist efforts, The Brelinda Stronach Foundation has launched the Girls 20 Summit for instructing young women on practical life skills in personal finance and health.

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