UFC 229 Results: Michelle Waterson defeats Felice Herrig

The UFC 229: Khabib vs. McGregor pay-per-view main card opened with a strawweight fight in between top-ten challengers Felice Herrig as well as Michelle Waterson. In the long run, it was Waterson who prevailed with an all-around performance, as she landed the much better strikes throughout the fight, even when she was put on her back by Herrig in the last round. Waterson also prospered and reduced the effects of Herrig’s attempts to take her down and start clinches. It’s Waterson’s 2nd straight win, and Herrig’s second straight loss.

Waterson sought to control the distance early with side kicks as well as high kicks. Neither female landed a lot of informing strikes in the very first couple of minutes, yet Herrig had the ability to label Waterson with a left hook as well as drive her to the fencing for a clinch. They traded knees to the legs and also bellies, as well as Waterson attached on an arm joint while against the fencing. A late trip-takedown by Herrig was not successful, as Waterson held her ground. Certainly not thrill-a-minute stuff as well as a closely objected to opening structure.

Herrig continued to go after a clinch fight, utilizing her stamina to attempt and outmuscle and outmaneuver Waterson. After Waterson left the clinch, she landed a good elbow and a strong head kick that seemed to hurt Herrig. That resulted in a throw as well as takedown by Waterson, that threw numerous ground strikes and maintained control of her challenger with the remainder of the second round.

Waterson tried to find one more takedown in round 3 but Herrig was privy to it and also swept her right away. Nonetheless, Herrig took in some tough elbows from all-time low. Waterson was the a lot more active competitor on crime while on her back than Herrig got on top. Waterson went for an omoplata, which Herrig repelled and went back into guard with 2:30 remaining. Jason Herzog stood the competitors up, after which Waterson tried a single-leg takedown and might not get it. Herrig secured Waterson versus the fencing and not much obtained done there. Herrig struck the body with her strike choice, after that got clocked with a front kick to the face. The rate and timing of Waterson was key to her winning those couple of striking exchanges as well as grabbing the triumph.

Official result: Michelle Waterson defeats Felice Herrig by unanimous decision (30-26, 29-28, 30-27).