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Zoom On By With The Gulf Stream Coach

A hardworking man by the name of Jim Shea, along with his sons, established the Gulf Stream Coach brand. In 1983, they first set up their family run business that produces RVs in Nappanee, Indiana. They firmly adhered to the values of innovative thinking, quality of work, and value for money when making their products and providing their services.

Through the years, the Gulf Stream Coach has maintained its prestigious and wholesome image by continuously churning out quality RVs and upgrading their designs to suit the modern times. The acronym stands for recreational vehicles intended to provide recreation and entertainment. This RV manufacturer is one of the well-known leaders in this industry. To date, they have 22 unique brand names under the banner brand of Gulf Stream Coach, and they have over 140 different models people can choose from.

The people heading the Gulf Stream Coach company acknowledges that they are only able to be top leaders in this industry because of their dedicated set of workers. This family-run business continues to abide by this homegrown approach. Their goal is to make many families happy.

On top of that, they aim to please not just the families of the people buying their products, but more importantly, they work hard to please the families of all their workers and dealers. The company takes pride in knowing they have happy employees who are proud to be a member of their staff, and in return, these employees also go to do the extra mile in doing their obligations because they don’t want to disappoint the owners who have made them feel like they belong to a family.

What’s amazing about their products, some of them have withstood the test of time. Some models are already 15 years old, meaning the Gulf Stream Coach products are a classic. These units are still sought after by faithful clients who value and continue to trust the company through the years and decades. This is not surprising because the teams that build these models are highly skilled artisans that never compromise on craftsmanship. Moreover, they continue to innovate so as not to be left behind.

For instance one of their current products features vacuum-bonded fiberglass walls that have been made extra strong through lamination and aluminum skeleton frames that have been welded for extra strength. Paradoxically, these two combine 1) strength, which is needed for hauling and making sure the units are sturdy, and 2) lightweight, which is essential for moving around. By minimizing weight, there’s more capacity for people, toys, and cargo. Most importantly, lightweights save money and fuel.

Through the years, Gulf Stream Coach has expanded to more than just RVs. They also now manufacture and provide travel trailers, motor homes, mobile houses, toy haulers, and the like. All of these can be customized with the finished output following the specifications of a particular client. With reasonably priced product offerings, coupled with high quality, the Gulf Stream Coach has been able to maintain their edge amongst their competitors.

Top notch service in Gulf Stream Coach is not just available in the buying process but also extended well in the aftercare of the products. For comments or inquiries regarding pricing the various models, it is best to go to the nearest dealership. The best source of parts, service, repairs, and warranty support can also be found in the nearest authorized dealership.

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