The Cowboys Will Play the Seahawks in the Playoffs

One of the teams that has been disappointing over the past few years has been the Dallas Cowboys. However, they have played very well this year. They won the NFC East division and got into the playoffs. They will play the Seattle Seahawks next Saturday in Dallas. It will be the first round of the playoffs. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is very excited about the chances of his team to make a deep run this year. He does not think it is out of the question that his team will make it to the Super Bowl. The Cowboys have not appeared in a Super Bowl since January of 1995. That is also the last time the Cowboys won a Super Bowl.

The Seahawks have had a very bizarre season. They lost a few games at home that they were favored in. This led to many people speculating that perhaps they would not be able to make the playoffs this year. However, they were able to overcome their problems and eventually secure a playoff spot. QB Russell Wilson believes that the team is playing very well right now. He is hoping that this momentum carries over into the game against Seattle.

The Cowboys were 13-3 a couple of years ago. However, they were not able to make it to the Super Bowl. This has been a huge frustration for Jerry Jones and the massive fan base of the team. Tony Romo put up very good numbers as the QB of the Cowboys. However, he was known for making critical mistakes in very important games. Therefore, the Cowboys were never able to win anything while Romo was on the team. Now the Cowboys have Dak Prescott as their QB. It remains to be seen if Prescott will be able to have more playoff success than Romo did.

Many experts in the media say that the Cowboys and Seahawks playoff game should be very good because both teams are evenly matched. However, the Seahawks will not have the huge advantage that their fans give them when they play at home. The fans in Seattle are supposed to be the loudest in the NFL. The fact that the game will be played in Dallas could tilt the game in favor of the Cowboys. Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliott will also be a key in this game. He led the NFL in rushing this year.