Texas Woman Earns College Degree

In this Dec. 10, 2018 photo, Janet Fein, 84, poses for a photo in Richardson, Texas. Fein completed her bachelor's degree and will graduate from the University of Texas at Dallas with the winter undergraduate class. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

Janet Fein decided to pursue lifelong dream after she raised five children and retired at the age of 77. She went back to school and will earn her bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Dallas this week. Janet stated that the reason she decided to earn her degree was because she had time on her hands. She did not have anything else to do and did not want to spend her golden years playing bingo.

Janet enjoyed reading and writing papers for class. She stated that the work was easy because she already knew a lot of it. People who are over the age of 65 only make up about one percent of the colleg students in America.

Dr. Carmel Dyer is the executive director of the UT Health Consortium on Aging. She stated that keeping yourself active and giving yourself something to look forward to is a great way to spend your golden years. Janet participated in a program that allowed people who were over the age of 65 to take six credit hours for free.

Janet faced many challenges, but she was determined to earn her degree. She got sick and was no longer able to live on her own. She had to move into an assisted living facility. She also has to use a walker because her knees bother her. Additionally, she requires oxygen. When Janet could no longer attend class, she took online classes.

Tracy Grass is a student who be-friended Janet. She enjoyed listening to Janet talk about the events she had witnessed. Carol Lanhman is a professor at the college. She enjoyed having Janet in class because she remember a lot of the events that were discussed.

Janet grew up in New York City and graduated at the age of 16. She got married shortly after high school and stayed at home to raise her children. After her children were grown, she worked as a secretary at the orthopedic hospital. She earned her associate degree in 1995.

Renee Brown is a certified nursing assistant. She is also Janet’s caregiver. She stated that Janet has inspired her to enroll in nursing school at the age of 53.

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