Texas Has The Highest Rate Of Uninsured Children

A recent study done by Georgetown University has shown that there are more uninsured children in Texas than any other state. According to the study, 10.7 percent of children in this state are uninsured. This is equivalent to 835,000 children, reports texastribune.org.

Valerie Gonzalez does not have any health insurance for her daughter. She takes her daughter to the Nuestra Clinic del Valle. When Valerie’s daughter was born, the hospital asked her what pediatrician she would be taking her daughter to.

Valerie told the hospital that she did not have health insurance. She stated that she is going to keep taking her daughter to Nuestra Clinic del Valle because it helps her save money. Andy Gamez is the director of community outreach for Nuestra Clinic del Valle. He stated that people are charged a sliding scale fee. People can come to the clinic regardless of whether or not they have health insurance.

Andy stated that many people who come to the clinic were unable to get Medicaid. There are a variety of services that people can get at the Nuestra Clinic del Valle. This includes dental services, newborn care, nutrition, wellness and social services. Families who want to get health insurance through the Affordable Care Act have until December 15 to sign up.

Texas has had the highest percentage of children without health insurance since 2016. There are several factors that has lead to the increase in insured children in the state. Many adults do not have health insurance. If parents do have health insurance, then their children probably will not.

Texas has a high Hispanic population. The study found that states with high rates of uninsured people also have a high Hispanic population. Joan Alker is the executive director of Georgetown University Center for Children. She stated that this report is alarming. She also stated that policymakers need to pay attention to the results of this report.