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Steven Stolen the IndyHumane Fundraiser

Steven Stolen is the former CEO of IndyHumane. Even beyond his impressive work at IndyHumane, Stolen has shown that he is committed to the betterment of his local area as well as the world. Stolen boasts an impressive portfolio of working at many philanthropic organizations.

Stolen’s education starts off at Simpson College. He later went on to study at the University of Michigan. In both institutions he studied music and music performance. Additionally, at the University of Michigan, he also studied opera. In 1990, Steven Stolen worked for Butler University as a music professor.

After working at Butler University, Stolen started working as the executive director of the Indianapolis Children’s Choir. Afterward, Stolen was the managing director of the Indiana Repertory Theatre. From then on, Stolen worked a variety of different jobs in the educational and musical industries.

In June of 2017, Steven Stolen became the CEO of IndyHumane after the previous CEO John Aleshire retired. During this time the organization had a great deal of shuffling people and positions around and this helped to pave the way for Stolen to become its CEO. Stolen’s position as CEO ended in August of 2018.

IndyHumane is an organization devoted to the welfare of animals. The organization is committed to saving the lives of animals and changing the lives of people alike. IndyHumane offers many services to pet owners including low-cost vaccines as well as an animal welfare center.

In their efforts to help save and improve the quality of life of animals, IndyHumane has been on the frontlines by rescuing many animals and providing free or low-cost services to benefit the health of all animals in the area. IndyHumane offers shelter to homeless and rescued animals and offers them up for adoption. The organization is primarily funded through donations.

During Steven Stolen’s time as CEO the organization met many goals and did a lot of good for the animals in the local community. Under Stolen’s leadership the organization has started up several new and innovative programs to help benefit the welfare of local animals.

One of Steven Stolen’s specialties is fundraising. In fact, fundraising is one of the skills Stolen is most well known for. He has led many charitable fundraising events very successfully. This is just one of the skills that made the IndyHumane leadership trust Stolen as CEO.

Stolen’s fundraising skill was reflected in his time as CEO of IndyHumane. Under Steven Stolen’s leadership, the organization’s fundraising success broke their records. Stolen has also used his charisma and public outreach skills to help connect the general public with IndyHumane’s goal of improving animal welfare.

After his time as CEO of IndyHumane ended, Steven Stolen started working as a strategic consultant. Stolen has two focuses in this job field. The first is to gauge an organization’s readiness. This includes analyzing things such as the amount of support for new leadership.

The second focus Stolen has in this field is fundraising capacity building. Leveraging his already well-known skills as a fundraiser, Stolen helps organizations improve their fundraising. He also coaches leadership of these organizations on how to best use their team for the maximum amount of fundraising success.

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