Search On For Texas Man Who Masterminded Shooting of David Ortiz

Authorities in Texas are searching for a man that is the purported mastermind of a plot that left former Boston Red Sox legend seriously injured from a gunshot. The shooting took place at a nightclub in the Dominican Republic.

Victor Hugo Gomez Vasquez has spent time in a Dominican prison for selling drugs and now lives in Houston. Vasquez is believed to have ordered the hit that injured Ortiz in a case of mistaken identity.

A friend of Ortiz, Sixto David Fernandez, was the target of the assassination attempt. Fernandez is the owner of an auto repair shop and was seated with Ortiz when the shooting took place. The hired gun opened fire on Ortiz by mistake because he was wearing a pair of white pants that fit the description of the pants worn by the man he was supposed to shoot.

Ortiz was shot once in the back and underwent emergency surgery in the Dominican Republic. He has since been transported to the United States at the expense of the Boston Red Sox and is continuing his recovery in a Boston hospital.

Attorney General Jean Rodriguez of the Dominican Republic says he wants to see Vasquez face criminal prosecution in both countries. He has requested the FBI to apprehend the mastermind of Ortiz’ shooting and extradite him to the Dominican Republic.

As many as 12 people have already been arrested in connection with the shooting of Ortiz. The shooter has been identified as Alberto Miguel Rodriguez Mota. Mota has served time in prison with Vasquez in the past.

Authorities in the Dominican Republic say the intended target is a cousin to Vasquez. The motive was a belief by Vasques that his cousin had snitched on him in 2011 to Dominican drug police.

Rodriquez says the fact the plot resulted in shooting the wrong man does not absolve any of the participants from legal responsibility. The Attorney General says the intent was to take a human life and everyone arrested will be handled accordingly.

Vasques was indicted by federal authorities in the United States in March for his involvement with cocaine and heroin trafficking in the Houston area. Officials with the Drug Enforcement Agency described him as a dangerous fugitive at the time of his indictment.

Vasquez has been linked to the Gulf Cartel that is based in Mexico.

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