Scotland’s turn to look at the legacy of John A. Macdonald

A few days after the removal of John A. Macdonald’s statue from Victoria City Hall , the name of Canada’s first prime minister was removed from the Scottish government’s website, where the politician was born.

A little over a week ago, John A. Macdonald was described as “a son of Scotland and the father of Canada” in an article now missing from a Scottish government site.

In a statement, a government spokesman said references to the former prime minister have been removed “as a result of the legitimate concerns raised by Canada’s aboriginal communities about its history.”

On August 11, the statue of John A. Macdonald was removed from Victoria City Hall after a City Council decision to promote reconciliation with Aboriginal peoples.

The Mayor of the British Columbia capital, Lisa Helps, said she wanted to take the time to contextualize the politician’s legacy.

The spokesman for the Government of Scotland argues that articles mentioning John A. Macdonald are being revised to present a “balanced picture” of his role in history.

During his years in power, the government of John A. Macdonald passed the Indian Act and put in place the residential school system.