Real Mexican in Park Cities

José didn’t need to make its food any better. It already was holding a spot as a Park Cities favorite. People weren’t going to stop coming to enjoy their $17 enchiladas.
But, hey, credit is given when it is due. The restaurant did not want to resort itself to mediocrity. They strive to create truly great Mexican food. José decided to take on a new executive chef that would broaden the creativity of its menu. Chef Anastacia Quiñones was given the freedom to add her own creations. And these creations are truly delicious.
When looking at José’s menu, there seem to be two restaurants in one. The more creative chef-inspired dishes, and then your typical healthy Tex-Mex fare. The twists that Quiñones puts on her food makes the restaurant well worth a visit from travelers and people needing a longer commute.
The seasonal aguachile is a deliciously marinated raw fish dish delivered with peppers, pineapple, and red onions. It is a delicate balance of tropical flavors.
Her other recent specialty is the tacos de tacha which is one of her signature dishes. The masa itself is flavored which makes the tortillas different and delicious! Sometimes she even mixes up the fillings.
You can have tempura-battered enoki alongside habanero cream in a cilantro flavored masa tortilla. The tacos come at a higher price but are definitely heavier than your average street taco.
Each visit comes with a surprise. You can even find tortillas that contain masa mixed with habanero. The tacos de tacha always are accompanied by rice and beans, but the center attraction is definitely the tacos.
Also worth a try is the smoked salmon and avocado appetizer. It’s both filling and tasty. It comes with a nice dip of mango habanero aioli.
There is also the beef short rib carnitas. These things are bangin’.
To find out more about what Quiñones has cooked up at this establishment, check out the original here.