Powerful Storms Leave Homes Demolished In Texas

Devastating storms recently swept through Franklin, Texas. At least 55 homes were destroyed, leaving homeowners left to clean up the damage and try to rebuild. Over a dozen people were injured with four fatalities reported. Initial estimates reveal that the damage from the storm is about $3 million. A team from the National Weather Service explored the area and determined that an EF3 tornado came through, which is why so many homes were damaged during the storm. Winds in the tornado are believed to have been about 135 mph with stronger gusts in some areas. There were at least two other tornadoes that swept through surrounding areas later in the day.

Homes can be seen in shambles as residents continue to try to gather any belongings that they can from the rubble. There are some homes that were so destroyed that you can’t even tell what was on the property. Almost 100,000 people were without power after the storms passed over. Power companies from surrounding areas and from other states are working together to try to get power restored so that relief and cleanup efforts can begin.

Some residents are staying with family members while others who have nowhere to go are staying in shelters or hotels if possible. The American Red Cross is helping in any way possible by providing shelter, clothing, and food. This storm is among the first of many that swept through Texas and other southern states. It’s also only the beginning of the spring storm season with the possibility of many storms of the same strength or stronger sweeping through the area. School districts have already canceled classes because of damage to some of the schools and so that children don’t have to worry about attending classes while their families are trying to sift through debris and clean.