No More Junk With Food Stamps

Texas residents who receive food stamp benefits might not be able to buy junk food or sodas in the near future if House Bill 4364 passes. The measure started after a lawmaker from the Deer Park area filed documents to introduce the bill. Details in the bill would prevent food stamp recipients from getting food that isn’t healthy. However, there are mixed feelings about the bill as some don’t think that it will benefit families at all unless the price of healthy foods is lowered. Some of the items that families wouldn’t be able to purchase with food stamps include cookies, drinks with high sugar content, and candy.

Energy drinks would also be banned. These are beverages that are often advertised to help keep you awake. Many of them are flavored or have coffee in them with most having at least 65 milligrams in a container that’s only eight ounces. Fruit juices, sodas, flavored waters with a large amount of sugar, and other sweetened drinks are part of the food stamp ban. Lawmakers are working to try to get all of the details figured out with the food stamp bill so that it’s fair for everyone while still encouraging healthy eating.

The ban would begin on September 1 if it makes it through legislation. According to foxbusiness.com, one reason why lawmakers want to ban junk food and sugary drinks is to try to decrease the risk of people developing diabetes because of the foods that they eat. While most sugary drinks are banned, juices that don’t have artificial sweeteners would be alright to purchase as long as they contain juice and no concentrated ingredients. Milk can be purchased if the ban were to go into effect along with beverages that contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals. Families who don’t agree with the ban are encouraged to either voice their opinions on how to make the food stamp program better or purchase items that would be banned with money.