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Justin Theroux Combines Movies, TV, and Animals

Although you may know Justin Theroux as a movie star, he is also an activist concerned with animal welfare. He has worked to assist animal rescue not-for-profits by shedding some light on the plight of millions of cats and dogs. Justin Theroux has collaborated with other Hollywood movie stars to get the word out. He understands that attaching a famous name to a cause can help bring much needed attention to the issues.

One of the shelters in Los Angeles has improved their adoption rate by almost 90%. Approximately 50,000 cats and dogs pass through the animal shelters in Los Angeles. With Justin Theroux sharing his time and passion for dogs as well as cats, the shelter has improved its situation.

Born in Washington DC, Theroux began his acting career in the late 90s. He has been in numerous films in many areas, including acting, executive producing, and writing. Some box office hits he was involved in were “Iron Man II,” the comic book based action movie, and “The Girl on The Train,” which was a popular thriller-mystery novel that was turned into a blockbuster movie.

You will soon be hearing Justin Theroux in the Disney film “Lady and the Tramp.” It is being reproduced, and he will be the voice of the Tramp. He has also done voice-overs a Lego movie, and he had a cameo appearance in “The Last Jedi: from the Star Wars series.

Justin Theroux is not a stranger to television work either. Justin Theroux has been on the series “Ally McBeal” and “Spin City.” Recently, he has been seen on several episodes of “Parks and Recreation” and for many years, he was on “The Leftovers.” As mentioned, he had worked on the series “The Leftovers” for almost five years. His character was Kevin Garvey, and he was in over 20 episodes. Because of the work he put into the series, Theroux was nominated and honored with many rewards. In 2016, he was nominated for best actor and lead drama actor. The next year he was nominated again for actor in a drama series and the entire cast was nominated for best television drama. In 2017, he won the best actor for drama series. The Online Association presented the award.

Justin Theroux is very busy with his acting career as well as directing. He keeps in touch with various medias and does not limit himself to one art, but rather, he extends himself to use his talents in many ways in Hollywood and beyond.

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