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Justin Dearborn: Accomplished CPA and Chief Executive

Justin Dearborn: Accomplished CPA
Justin Dearborn: Accomplished CPA

Justin Dearborn is an American Businessman who has been in the limelight of the American corporate sector for years. His success is attributed to his discipline, work ethic, and determination. He is the former chairman and CEO of Tribune Publishing Company. The company is one of the most successful publishing firms in the US, with its shares listed both at NASDAQ and NYSE.

Early Life and Education

Justin Dearborn was born in 1971 in Circa. After finishing high school, he proceeded to DePaul University College of Law where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree and a JD. Apart from his law degree, Dearborn is also a Certified Public Accountant, a degree he received from Illinois State University.

Justin Dearborn’s Career

Dearborn had an excellent start to his career after graduation. His first job was at Motorola, but later on, he moved to Click Commerce. The job she held at Motorola and Click Commerce were major stepping stones for him since they opened more doors to lucrative opportunities in the future. For instance, he, later on, joined MerrickVentures as the General Counsel and Managing Director.

To add to his long list of accolades, Dearborn also held the post of Chief Executive of MergeHealthcare up until October 2015 from August 2013. The firm later merged with IBM for $1 billion. In 2016, he was given the role of CEO of Tronc. Subsequently, he was nominated to the position of Chairman in 2018 due to his outstanding performance. However, Dearborn later stepped down from both positions in January 2019.

Dearborn’s Departure at Tribune Publishing

Justin Dearborn stepped down from his role of CEO and Chairman of Tribune to pass on the baton to new leaders. He is a firm believer that someone should always seek for new opportunities and not stay redundant in one position for long. In retrospect, the position of Chairman was taken over by David Dreier whereas Tim Knight clinched that of CEO.

Dearborn’s Farewell Message to the Company

Ina message delivered by Dearborn, he emphasized his gratitude for the leadership and staff at Tribune for their support during his time at the helm. He reiterated that he was proud of all their accomplishments while at Tribune. Furthermore, he said that he was sure that the new leadership by Tim Knight would take the company to even greater heights in the future.

Dearborn is a passionate man who believes that the company can achieve more success regardless of whoever is at the top. He vouched that Tim Knight will be instrumental in increasing Tribune’s paid digital business due to his profound understanding of the company.

Similarly, the new Chairman and CEO were keen to restate Justin Dearborn’s achievements during his time as the Chairman and CEO. They said that Mr. Dearborn was the main driving force behind the firm’s increased revenues and increased online subscribers. Tribune Publishing Company befitted immensely from Dearborn’s work by reducing their pension obligation and debt owed to creditors. The incoming team wished Dearborn all the best in his future endeavors.