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How Cactus Feeders Is Feeding A Hungry World

Cactus Feeders is passionate about finding ways to produce more food in a sustainable way. They want to use fewer resources and be able to provide their food at a lower cost. They have been in business since 1975. Their focus is pork and beef production. They have locations in Georgia, North and South Carolina, Iowa, Texas, and Kansas. This is an employee owned business.

The company has dedicated their resources to carrying for their animals and the employees who take care of the animals. They want to provide a high quality animal protein in order to provide food for hungry people. The individuals who own the company also consume the products that are produced by Cactus Feeders. Since they want their families to be well fed and nourished, they work hard to make sure that their products are nutritious and safe.

They produce over 56 million meals every single week. One in every 25 cattle is from this company. Every week they produce 12 million pounds of red meat and two million pounds of pork products.

The company is dedicated to getting better every single day. They focus on sustainability in the industry. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization, the demand for food around the world is going to increase by about 100 percent in the next thirty years or so. This is because the world’s population is quickly growing.

Cactus Feeders uses technology that makes animals healthier, produces less waste, and that is better for the environment. One example is the technology that they use to reduce methane that is produced by their cows and pigs. They have been able to achieve a 20 to 25 percent reduction in methane. Other technologies that are utilized make it possible to produce more beef with fewer cattle. The same is true with the pis. They are working to use less water and less land as well.

They understand that sustainability involves constantly looking for new technologies and for ways to improve food production. Their goal is to make beef and pork affordable for their friends, neighbors, and hard-working families across the country.

There are over 800 employees who own Cactus Feeders. They pay their employees twice. They do this through regular paychecks as well as with a yearly company stock payment. Their employees enjoying the benefit of a paid retirement that is higher than the national average. In fact, it is twice the national average.

The animals come first. In fact, their motto involves not going home until the animals are cared for. They understand that in order to produce a quality product, they need their animals to be well taken care of. They are raised in an environment that is safe and are given nutritious food.

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