Like Father Like Son: How Andy Stanley and His Father Serve God

Charles Andrew Stanley, known professionally as Andy Stanley, was born on May 16, 1958. He was born into a loving family whose love and support has helped guide Stanely’s growth as a spiritual and kind person. He has served God to the best of his abilities for decades and has helped thousands of others in their search for meaning, purpose, and faith.

Andy  Stanley works as a senior pastor for a host of different churches including Buckhead Church, Gwinnett Church, Decatur City Church, North Point Community Church, Browns Bridge Church, and Woodstock City Church. Andy was also instrumental in the founding of North Point Ministries. He started this worldwide Christian organization in an effort to expand the word of God as far as possible.

Andy Stanley received his bachelor’s degree in the school of journalism at Georgia State University. After heading an internal calling to become a pastor, Andy attended the Dallas Theological Seminary and received his master’s degree. His first job as a minister was at First Baptist Atlanta. He worked for several years as a Minister to Students and as the Associate Pastor.

After working at First Baptist Atlanta, Andy realized that he wanted to contribute to God’s word in a more meaningful way. Along with five other like-minded people, Andy helped to found the North Point Community Church. The organization was started in 1995 and has been growing steadily ever since. There are over 32,000 regular attendees that spread across the six campuses that comprise the North Point Community Church. Andy has helped to start one of the largest churches in the entire United States.

North Point Ministries has encouraged and supported the growth of 20 different partner churches throughout the United States and Canada. In 2010, a large group of American Protestant pastors was surveyed to determine who were the most influential preachers of the time. Andy ranked as number 10 on this prestigious list. His influence has also helped his churches gain national recognition. A 2006 article from USA Today focused on Buckhead Church’s unique use of high-definition video.

His recognition does not stop at nationwide surveys or articles. In 2009, Andy Stanley was asked to speak at a National Prayer Service that was held after that year’s presidential inauguration ceremony. Andy was one of four speakers to help millions of Americans pray for peace and unity with the coming of a new president. Andy has also been a frequent guest at the Global Leadership Summit that was founded in 1995 by Bill Hybels.

Andy Stanley currently lives in Milton, Georgia with his loving wife and family. Sandra and Andy have been together for many years and have raised three children who are now adults. Their names are Andrew, Allie, and Garrett. The love for ministry runs in the family. Andy’s father, Charles Stanley, works as the senior pastor for the First Baptist Church of Atlanta. He is also the founder of InTouch Ministries. Both Andy and his father have helped to serve God through their ministry and public service.