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GBS Warranty Services And All You Need To Know

GBS Enterprises is a distributor of beds and other furniture options to accommodate anyone’s comfort needs. GBS distributes beds, couches and other furniture products to retailers nation wide. They have distribution warehouses located in Savannah, Georgia and Reno, Nevada. On the corporate side, GBS’s headquarters are located in Deerfeild Beach, Florida. Their call centers are located in Deerfield Beach, Florida and Reno, Nevada. GBS strives to be the best in customer service. With their casual out look on things it helps them be relative to customers. In the spirit of customer service GBS offers their GBS Warranty Services. GBS Warranty Services are great for many reasons. First, GBS is very detailed when assisting their clients. Second, they send out a technical professional to fix any damaged furniture. Third, GBS values you.

To begin with, GBS Warranty Service is great because they are detailed when explaining their coverage and services. Once you speak to a representative you will receive a welcoming greeting and have all your questions answered. They take the time to explain what is covered by warranty and what is not. GBS tries their best to meet all customers expectations and will always reply positively on their reviews. They are a great deal of help.

Next, GBS Warranty Services are amazing because they will dispatch a technical specialist that is ready and prepared to fix any malfunctions with their furniture. The wait is usually around a week due to busyness, but it is so worth the wait. When the man arrives he is very polite and works smart and hard to assure perfection. In no time, your recliner chair will be functioning properly so you can splay out and relax after a long hard day at work.

Finally, GBS Warranty Services values you. They care; they’re here to listen. GBS wants to make sure they meet all customer expectations. When someone is angry or upset they do their very best to resolve all problems positively and respectively. They are such a great service that you will always feel your furniture is safe and know it is functioning correctly. Knowing that every time you call, all your questions will be answered is such a wonderful feeling. You know that when you call Jordan’s and they have you call another number that lead’s you right back to Jordan’s, just to be connected to a person at another number, that it was all worth the wait. That all your troubles will evaporate at the sound of their trained professional saying “Hello, my name is __ how may I help you today.”

I said it once and I’ll say it again, GBS Warranty Services are great and protect your furniture in many wonderful ways. First, GBS will always be detailed when talking policies or any other topic with clients. Second, GBS Warranty Services will dispatch a technical specialist to fix any and all furniture damages. Third, GBS cares about every and all of their customers. When you purchase a GBS product, don’t forget to pick up the warranty.

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