Former Child Actor Arrested at Houston Airport

Actor Tom Guiry, who 20 years ago got the public’s attention as a child actor starring in the classic film about kids baseball called “The Sandlot”, was arrested over the weekend at Houston’s international airport after fighting with one of the city’s police officers.

Police help was requested by officials at Bush Intercontinental Airport when Guiry attempted to board a scheduled United Airlines flight while drunk. It was when police officers were questioning him and offering him the opportunity to sleep it off rather than face a charge of being drunk in public that the actor became increasingly angry.

Not only did Guiry make threats against the officers who were trying to subdue him, he managed to headbutt one HPD officer, requiring him to seek medical attention. It was at that point that Guiry was arrested and taken into custody on a felony charge of assaulting a police officer.

The actor managed to gain his freedom from jail after personally posting the required $5,000 in bail. Although born and raised in New Jersey, it was not clear why Guiry was travelling through one of Texas’ most busy airports or if he was doing a film in the Houston area.