FB and Twitter to save the country from conflict creators

Facebook and Twitter officials on Wednesday assured the Congress that they are working aggressively to eliminate foreign efforts to create differences in the US. He resolved that he would better protect his social networks against interference in the mid-term elections of 2018 and the subsequent elections.

Facebook’s second-largest official, and twitter CEO testified in the morning before the Senate Intelligence Committee, but the Google-owned company, Alphabet, refused to send its top official here.

In the afternoon, Dorsey reached the House panel alone, where he dismissed this allegation before Republican members that he was censoring the conservatives. The hearing took place at a time when there is only two months left in the mid-term elections and President Trump has alleged that Twitter’s attitude towards Republican views is biased.

Be informed that Twitter has recently said that it is testing online status and thrilling features. Now you will know which of your followers is online. Also with the help of the thrilling feature you will be able to follow all the comments coming on any comment or any post. Giving this information, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsi has tweeted. In his tweet, he said, “We are bringing two features to create this microblogging platform and to create rotacs, which include reply throws and presents.”