Cowboys Will Hire New Offensive Coordinator Soon

One of the NFL teams that always seems to generate headlines is the Dallas Cowboys. They have a huge following that makes them one of the teams that the media loves to focus on. Every move they make is carefully scrutinized. There was very big news in the world of the Cowboys recently. Owner Jerry Jones went on a Dallas radio station and said that head coach Jason Garrett would soon announce the hiring of a new offensive coordinator. Jones fired offensive coordinator Scott Linehan after the Cowboys offense struggled to put points on the board in 2018.

Jones did not say when exactly that Garrett would make his big announcement. However, he did say that Garrett would have a lot of involvement in the offense next season. In fact, Jones hinted that Garrett would have the final say regarding the plays that are run. Jones also made news by confirming that Garrett would remain the head coach of the team for the foreseeable future. There had been a great deal of speculation in the media that Garrett would not be back after the Cowboys getting bounced out of the playoffs. The Cowboys only have two playoff wins in a decade under Garrett’s leadership.

There is no telling who the Cowboys new offensive coordinator will be. The team has always been very good at keeping that sort of info a secret. There have been a few rumors. However, nothing has been substantiated as of yet. Most of the experts agree that it will be a person who has some NFL experience. Jerry Jones does not usually hire people for key positions if they only have coaching credentials in college. He prefers to have people on his coaching staff who have a long track record of success in the NFL. However, many of the best coordinators have already been hired by other teams.

The Cowboys have a lot of positions on the team that they need to address prior to the start of the 2019 season. They need to do much better in the draft than they have in the past. Jones is still serving as the general manager of the team. He is the only owner in the NFL who is doing that. He has shown an inability to make solid draft picks on a consistent basis. Jones has given no indication that he has any intention of stepping down as general manager.

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