Cowboys Terminate Offensive Coordinator

Another Super Bowl will come and go without the Dallas Cowboys playing in it. The last Super Bowl that featured the Cowboys was in 1996. Needless to say, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is not pleased about this. Head coach Jason Garrett has been at the helm for over a decade. He has only won a pair of playoff games during that time. He did not get fired again this year after another failure in the divisional round of the playoffs. However, Garrett’s coaching staff was not unscathed. It was announced that offensive coordinator Scott Linehan will not be back next year. This should not come as a surprise to anyone who watched the team last season. The Cowboys repeatedly had problems moving the ball down the field. This resulted in them having many failures in the red zone.

Linehan should not take all of the blame for the Cowboys poor offensive performance in 2018. QB Dak Prescott is not the most accurate passer in the world. He missed wide open targets with regularity that caused Cowboy drives to stall. However, Prescott is not going to be let go. That left Linehan to take the fall for the inadequacies of the players on the offense. It was announced that the decision not to bring Linehan back was a mutual one. However, many people in the media are looking at this as simply a way for Linehan to save face and avoid the embarrassment of being fired. This type of announcement will also help him to secure a new job more easily in the future.

The Cowboys are in a very difficult position. They have not been a relevant team in a very long time. There have been many bad draft picks made by owner and general manager Jerry Jones over the years that have caused the team to stagnate. The bad drafting of Jones is one of the main reasons the Cowboys have spent so many years on the outside of the playoffs looking in.

There has been no word on who Jones is considering for the offensive coordinator position. There are many qualified candidates he could choose from. Jones has shown no desire to step down as his team’s general manager. However, he is not getting any younger. He will need to start handing these big responsibilities to other people at some point. Player personnel decisions should be made by younger people.