Cowboys Look to 2019

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most popular sports teams in the world. It has been over two decades since the franchise last won a championship. The team has struggled with mediocrity until recently. The Dallas Cowboys made the playoffs and won a playoff game during the 2018 season. Although the team did not make the Super Bowl, many fans are still excited about the upcoming season.

Salary Cap

The salary cap prevents any NFL team from becoming too talented. The Cowboys do not have a lot of salary cap space going into next season. As a result, the team will have to make tough decisions concerning the future of multiple players. The team traded for Amari Cooper last year. Cooper was drafted in the first round out of Alabama. He played in Oakland for several seasons, and he was a productive receiver for the team. However, the Raiders traded away multiple players last year. Cooper is a priority for the Cowboys this offseason. Signing Cooper to a multi-year contract will solidify the offense for the future.


The Cowboys have a tenacious defense led by the defensive line. Few teams are better at pressuring opposing quarterbacks than the Cowboys. However, the team’s secondary is a weak spot. Some people speculate that the team will target a free agent to sign this year. If the team had more salary cap space, signing a free agent would be a viable option. Most NFL experts believe the team will draft a few players to revamp the secondary.


The Cowboys do not have a first round pick this year due to the trade to get Amari Cooper. The team will have to scout carefully during the combine to find a few viable players later in the draft. Last year’s draft class was one of the best in the team’s history. If the team can duplicate the results from last year, the roster will be drastically upgraded over a few seasons ago.