Cowboys Clinch Division

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most popular professional sports teams in the United States. However, for the past decade, the franchise has struggled to win meaningful games. Few people predicted that the team would make the playoffs in 2018. Dallas Cowboys surprised the experts by winning the division this year.

Multiple factors contributed to the team’s success this year. Not only did the running game improve, but the team was aggressive and traded for Amari Cooper. Cooper was drafted in the first round by the Oakland Raiders several seasons ago. Cooper struggled to produce this year, and the Raiders decided to trade him. Since being traded to the Cowboys, Cooper has done an excellent job for the team.

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott is the starting quarterback for the Cowboys. He was drafted in the fourth round out of Mississippi State. Few people thought he would become a starting quarterback in the league.

Prescott has proven all of the doubters wrong. He is one of the most talented quarterbacks in the entire league. Coming into the season, he struggled to win meaningful games against tough defenses. The team decided to invest in upgrading the offense, and Prescott has benefited from all of the upgrades. All of his passing statistics are improved versus last year.


The Cowboys have an excellent run defense. However, the secondary struggled against elite offenses last year. The team signed a few veteran players to bolster the defense. Although the defense still makes crucial mistakes in some games, it is much better than last season.

Looking Ahead

The regular season finale for the Cowboys is against the Giants. Although the Cowboys have already clinched a playoff spot, few people expect the coach to rest the starters. The Cowboys still have multiple issues to address on offense and defense.

If the Cowboys can avoid significant mistakes in the playoffs, the team has an excellent chance to win a few games. Not only is the running game strong, but the team has a solid quarterback who does not produce turnovers.