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Brandless Is The Brand That Makes It Easy To Be Eco-Friendly

Brandless has earned another major feather in their cap. Back in April (2019), People Magazine went on a search for brands that consumers could turn to lower their carbon footprint “without giving it a second thought.” In other words, they were looking for brands that are so committed and diligent about offering products that are truly sustainable, the consumer can be confident that anything they buy from this brand will be environmentally responsible.

In all honesty, it’s not usually that easy to lower your carbon footprint. It can take hours of research just to figure out which products are really more sustainable and not just a “green wash” to sell things at a higher price or target a higher paying customer base. However, if a customer can have trust in a particular brand to always deliver greener solutions, and always keep striving to improve even more, she can be confident to shop that brand without having to spend all the extra hours doing research. Brandless fits this bill and this is an important reason why they have been so successful at building a loyal cadre of eco-minded customers.

You may be asking, “What are some of Brandless’ eco-friendly products?” Here’s some of the most popular green products in their online catalog and pop-up stores. Brandless offers “tree free” facial tissues and “tree free” toilet paper made from highly sustainable bamboo and sugar cane fibers. These are fast growing fibrous plants that can be easily produced without excessive water or toxic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. These tree free products do not contain any fragrances or dyes, which almost always contain chemicals harmful to the environment, as well as the human body.

Brandless’ food products are all GMO-free! Whew, what a relief! GMO canola GMO soy, and GMO corn are three of the biggest ingredients in processed foods. Unfortunately, GMO crops encourage the use of massive amounts of highly toxic pesticides and herbicides. Therefore, eliminating GMO ingredients entirely is a really good way to go ecofriendly. Knowing that you can buy Brandless food items without having to scrutinize the label looking for clues on whether or not they’re GMO-free is a huge relief to conscientious Brandless customers.

Brandless has also flat out banned more than four hundred common toxins found in beauty products! These include formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, polypropylene, sodium lauryl sulfate (and many other sulfate)s, and synthetic fragrance (artificial fragrance). Just knowing that Brandless has your back is a godsend and a good reason to shop at Brandless’ online store. You can eliminate the endless hours of research required to decipher whether or not you’re buying a product containing an environmental toxin, i.e. it’s a happier shopping experience that makes you feel good about what you buy. You can also wash off your makeup and lotion without feeling the guilt of destroying the environment for future generations.

Scanning through People Magazine’s eco friendly brand finalists, Brandless shines the brightest in one important way they did not mention. The founders of Brandless made a conscious effort to eliminate what they call the “brand tax.” This is the markup in price, at least forty percent, often many times higher, that most brands add to their products for marketing, paying off the “middle men,” and sheer corporate greediness. Brandless takes an entirely different approach. They actively avoid most of the “brand marketing” that other companies employ and they eliminate the middle men by partnering with manufacturers directly so they can sell directly to their customers. They also do a much better job at paying it forward with their charity partners. This in turn builds a loyal caring community of customers who recommend their products without the need for so much marketing.

Congratulations Brandless. Job well done!

How about making macho nachos, hold the meat, for the guy’s poker night? Brandless offers a nice selection of organic salsas and organic chips. You may want to try their black bean and corn salsa and a bag of Brandless Blue Corn Tortilla Chips. You can also set out other delicious vegetarian snacks like Brandless Toasted Coconut Chips and Brandless Jalapeno Flavored Kettle Chips.

Enjoy and stay healthy!

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