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Brandless: Everything Goes For $3

Brandless is a US-based company that deals with the manufacture and sale of a collection of various products. The company sells its goods under its Brandless banner.

It began operating in July of 2017 and was founded by Tina Sharkey and Ido Leffler. While starting, it had a total of 115 products. Many of its products were tailored for the environmentally and health conscious members of society.

Today, the company has expanded its operations to include goods in six categories, i.e.,

Baby and pet
Organic and non-GMO food
Kitchen and stationery
Non-toxic cleaners
Clean and cruelty-free personal and beauty care products

The company has limited its offerings to a single item for each available category. Brandless has also done away with brand tax, which explains the reason why its goods are affordable.

Brand tax is a tax associated with brand cachet, marketing, distribution, and advertising expenses.

Brief History Outlook

Sharkey became the official CEO of the company in 2016 after resigning from her position as the Sherpa Foundry CEO. Leffler took up the chairman position.
In November of 2016, the company managed to raise a total of 16 million dollars in a funding drive spearheaded by Redpoint Ventures. By the time it was launching, it had raised $50 million from Google Ventures, New Enterprise Associates, and others in Venture Capital funding.

Brandless launched its first pop-up store in May 2018 in Los Angeles. Apart from selling its goods, it also included several panels dedicated to nutrition and wellness. The company would also go ahead to donate a total of 5,000 meals on behalf of every speaker.

It additionally donated ten meals for each person who went to the pop-up store, and three meals each time it got tagged on social media.

Business Model

The company is based in California, within the San Francisco area. It also operates another facility in Minnesota, within Minneapolis.

When it comes to its products, you should note that the beauty and wellness items are cruelty-free, its foods are GMO-free, while its paper products have been designed to conform to environmentally friendly practices.

The product label mainly comprises of between 2 and five descriptors and a white box. It’s business model starts with its goods. The goods are often conceived after engaging in various consultations with its manufacturing partners.

For this reason, Brandless can create, own, and sell all these products directly to its clients. It is a model that has helped it get rid of the brand tax. The brand tax is an inconvenient markup that can range between 40% to 370%, thereby causing the prices of the items to rise substantially.


The company has received various awards since it began its operations. In February last year, it received an award for being the best company of the year. It also received recognition for donating more than two hundred and fifty thousand meals aimed at feeding people in the US.

It also received recognition for being the StartUp of the year as well as for being one of the most innovative businesses in the retail segment.

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