Boy Impaled on Texas Tech Bull Statue

A 14-year-old Texas youth has died after a fatal hide and seek accident on the campus of Texas Tech University. Miguel Martinez was playing a late night version of the childhood game with a group of children in a campus park. He attempted to climb the statue when he apparently slipped and impaled himself on the horn of the statue.

The boy was in the care of a friends mother when the accident occured. Martinez was attending a birthday celebration. Police have spoken with witnesses and are still investigating the circumstances.

The woman, Marenda Podhorksy, said that the incident was an accident. There are several possible situations that could have occured. It’s possible that the boy was running past the statue that is surrounded by gravel. He could have slipped on the gravel and fallen into the statue’s horn.

A 911 call was made to police by Pohorsky’s boyfriend, but the call has not been released to the public. Martinez’s friends were with him as he passed away. His friend, Jeremy Warren, said that he covered Martinez with his jacket and held his hand as they waited for authorities.

Representatives at Texas Tech has said that they will review their policies to see if they should restrict usage to the park during night hours.