Bees Swarm Times Square

Unusual visitors stormed Times Square in New York on Tuesday. A swarm of bees covered a hot dog stand at lunchtime, forcing the police to intervene.

Police had to close part of the 43 th Street, near the 7 th Avenue, to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists, many still in this tourist area.

A police officer, who is also raising bees, intervened with a suit and a sort of vacuum cleaner to clear the sunshade from the hot dog stand of the bee swarm.

The operation took nearly 45 minutes, police inspector CMA Sophia Mason, New York City Police Department, told CBC.

She did not want to reveal where the bees came from and said their hives would be relocated.

“They certainly wanted just a few hot dogs,” she added.

The unpublished scene still attracted tourists, who wanted to immortalize. No one was injured, however, according to Sophia Mason.