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Attention Pet People, Gear Up For Fall At Brandless

We’re heading into late August and that means certain things for those of us who share our lives with furbabies. You may have noticed for example that your dog or cat is showing the first signs of their fluffy winter undercoat beginning to fill in. Yes, we’re still enjoying the warm summer season but the days are getting shorter and Mother Nature sets those fur-producing circadian rhythms based on day length, not temperature. Further, late summer and early fall is peak flea season across much of America. It’s also time when the temperatures can dramatically drop, especially at night, and the air becomes damper as well. This can mean scratching and skin problems, as well as more serious health problems. Brandless can help!

Let’s address the scratching first. Brandless offers a soothing spray for pets that will take care of skin itchiness. It’s made from natural ingredients and it can be used on both cats and dogs. This Brandless pet spray contains aloe vera, colloidal oatmeal (oatmeal suspended in a liquid), shea butter, honeysuckle, and coco-betaine derived from coconut oil. Honeysuckle is an old folk remedy for treating eczema and other skin conditions in humans. It contains powerful antioxidants and turns out to be just as effective on dogs and cats who are miserable from itchy skin as it is on humans! Kudos to Brandless for including this powerful ingredient from Mother Nature in their pet spray. Of course, oatmeal has been used as a home remedy for eczema, acne, and other skin irritations for centuries. This Brandless anti-itching spray for pets is a much gentler solution than many products you’d get from the vet.

Brandless offers a great omega-3 supplement formulated for dogs. These supplements contain salmon oil and flax seed for natural sources of omega-3. For flavor, the first ingredient is sweet potato, along with natural chicken flavoring. Dogs snap them up like treats! Rest assured, there’s no gmo ingredients. There’s also no grains like corn, wheat, or soy in these Brandless dog omega-3 supplements. This matters because these are among the most common causes of skin irritations in dogs. A good omega-3 supplement is one of the most effective ways to clear up any skin conditions your dog may have without resorting to oral pharmaceuticals or chemical based “medicated” ointments or sprays. These Brandless supplements will also make sure your dog’s winter coat grows in beautiful and lush.

Brandless offers a good lysine supplement for cats. This can be something you may want to get your cat started on well before winter sets in because lysine strengthens a cat’s immune system. This makes them less susceptible to viruses that so commonly attack cats, especially when the weather changes to colder and damper conditions. The lysine in Brandless cat lysine supplements is derived from natural sources. There’s no grain and no gmo ingredients. They’re flavored with natural chicken flavoring that most cats love. Please note it’s even more important to supplement cats five years or older with lysine as they are even more susceptible to viruses in the fall and winter than younger cats. Senior cats are most susceptible.

Happy dog or cat = happy life 🙂 They take care of us in so many ways so let’s take care of them!

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