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At Least 24 UFOs Reportedly Sighted Over Texas

While the days of tabloids filled to bursting with stories of abductions and probings might be gone, claims of seeing unidentified flying objects of extraterrestrial origins still persist even in 2019. Hurst becomes the latest city under supposed invasion, as witnesses claim to have seen some sort of craft flying low over the city skyline.

San Antonio Express-News reports on the 24 total sightings (claimed) by residents of Texas this year. This data comes from the National UFO Reporting Center, a group dedicated to cataloging all the supposed encounters with things of alien origin.

Based on the information presented in the NUFORC’s table for Texas sightings, the Hurst encounter was submitted anonymously and came in the form of four unblinking white lights hovering in the sky over W. Pipeline Road lasting for 35 seconds. The witness claims that there were no other objects in the sky at the time besides what seemed to be a helicopter approaching the lights. The report does not include what happened after the initial 35 second sighting.

It is important to note that the NUFORC claims to disregard hoaxes, though the level of diligence the group uses when confirming a report is not known. Though it may be tempting to run in fear thinking the world is under attack by little green men, this is a bit of an overreaction given that none of the current Texas reports claim anything more than lights in the sky.

It’s also necessary to remember that, at present, the existence of sentient alien life, let alone life that’s had any interaction with humanity, is just not proven. That being said, scientists have recently begun urging NASA and other organizations to begin taking the search for extraterrestrial life more seriously.

Given the number of exoplanets (planets outside our solar system) with Earth-like conditions that could theoretically sustain life, it’s not too far fetched to believe that there might be others out there besides us. Even so, the odds that those creatures would try to menace our planet are particularly slim. That goes double for what they might want with our cows, crops, or even ourselves in the way they’re often described by those who report supposed close encounters, most agreeing that the idea of abductions are fairly unlikely to be true.