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An Overview Of The Ken M. Spooner Farm Family Business

The Ken M. Spooner Farm is one of the oldest businesses to be established in the state of Washington. The family-owned business was founded in 1882 and is currently operated by members of the Spooner Family. Since incorporation, the business has achieved tremendous growth including owning parcels of land amounting to over 500 acres. The farming-based business focuses on growing high-quality raspberry crops and has managed to achieve global recognition for its high emphasis on crop health, diversity, and production technology. Since establishment in Washington, the Spooner farms have managed to expand tremendously to occupy parts of the Pacific Northwest.

The farming-based business pays close attention to detail right from the start of crop propagation to the crop harvesting stage. In most cases, the business targets growing its raspberry crop under strictly controlled nursery conditions to ensure that it is virus-free. The nursery-propagated crop is well inspected by the Washington State Department of Agriculture to ensure that only high-quality disease-free crop is used for later transplantation.

Under this rigid program, the company has managed to maintain the highest quality of healthy raspberry bushes capable of fetching a good price in the market. The Ken M. Spooner Farm, working with the Washington State Department of Agriculture through regular inspections of its crop and quality control, has managed to earn a reputation across the globe for provision of healthy raspberry produce.

In addition to Raspberry, the Ken M. Spooner family business also focuses on other fruit-based produce such as pumpkins, sweet corn, and other types of berry crops. In its crop production technologies, the Ken M. Spooner Family focuses on meeting particular market needs that may exist in the agricultural sector, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Using this model of demand-based farming, the company has managed to contribute highly towards the local, national, and regional economy. For instance, the family business manages to employ local talent and farming enthusiasts, thereby giving them an opportunity to earn a living. In addition to employing locals, the business also gives both local and national farmers an opportunity to advance their crop farming technologies using concepts utilized by the Ken M. Spooner berry farm business.

In certain instances, the Ken M. Spooner Farms also gives farmers an opportunity to directly sell their crop to the company which then undertakes a national and global distribution on their behalf. This level of partnership has given most berry farmers an opportunity to advance their crop farming while making a fortune.

Over the years, the business has managed to stay together owing to prudential management and good utilization and distribution of resources and technologies. The involvement of the state agency responsible for agriculture also comes in handy in giving the business an incentive to continually improve its operations for exceptional crop produce. Since incorporation, the business has managed to remain one of the largest raspberry crop producers in the country and beyond. Its customers, nationally and globally, are particularly well served with much emphasis being put on good customer service as well as quality management.

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